Bhindi Bazaar Inc (2011) Sex Video Leaked watch online

Video Uncensored Scene Bhindi Bazaar Inc Sex Video Leaked Video

Bhindi Bazaar Inc Sex Video Leaked Video watch online

BHINDI BAZAR – Leaked Intimate SEX Scene Between Vedita Pratap Singh & Prashant Narayan

‘Bhindi Bazar’ is the small film that is creating ripples in Indian film circles. Although the flick may not have released but lengthy intimate love making scene between heroine Vedita Pratap Singh and one of the hero Prashant Narayanan is red hot. This uncensored video leaked on net features the above said two turning highly erotic. Information is that this is not the only intimate scene the couple has done in the film.
Vedita has got four such scenes with main cast in the film. Sources say that she wasn’t apprehensive in acting with all four heroes, each of them given a sex scene. That is the strength of her character in the movie. Model turned actress Vedita created a stir with these bold scenes with co artists. ‘As for the sex scenes, I am an actress. It is my duty to be loyal to the script. My intentions were purely professional and those sex scenes were necessary for the story. I have no regrets,’ said Vedita.

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